8 01 2008

Space is the definition of the void that is covered, gated by walls or forms around it. The term space can be seen through the distance between 2 objects, the size of an opening or the perception of what has been created between or  within it. In the context of art the difference of size and distance from each other creates a shift or difference in position and also composition. In architecture this is defined by t he perspective view and the distance from one opening to the other. Forms play a vital role in the creation of space. Space is important in architecture simply because it is not only seen and felt but it is the void that people interact and live in, it is the void that makes the largest importance to the condition we perceive as comfort, leisure,  warmth, home, work station or retail spaces.  By creating a space architects create a purpose.


Virtual Architecture and Light simulation

 They are 2 types of space: Reality Spaces and Visual Spaces.

Reality Spaces or solid spaces are defined from solid and hard objects that created the spaces. This form of space is all created in 3 D forms. Thus the realism of the space are strong. This is the type of space that architecture deals with, reality and solid.

Visual Spaces are spaces created on a 2D base, on paintings or prints. This form of space is to show the space but only could be enjoyed by one sense which is sight.   

Space is how we perceive living conditions. . . .

Space is also shown from the point of colour tones. Dark colours are more amplified on top of a bright background and so does bright colours stand up on top of the dark backgrounds. The progression of the tones from dark to the brighter shades creates a movement from the furthest (the dark) to that of the nearest (the bright). This are shown in forms of perspectives, one point perspective and two point perspectives. These perspectives show the detail of the building and how it relates to the forms it design to be. This is a visual view and it is imaginary yet the sense of space exists. This is the beauty of perspectives because it made what is imaginary come to life for the world to see before it is completed. Spaces on top of paper are visual but it relates to the actual form. Mastering perspective drawings and presentation will be helpful in presenting a good design.




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26 12 2012

i luv z definition of space n keep it up! luv ya

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