8 01 2008

What is Architecture?

Architecture is a field that plays a vital role in our society.  Architecture is the base for the development of humanity as it focused on the shelter that we depend to survive. It influenced the thinking and perception on how the dwellings are and should be. This is a very powerful field and the relation to the society is beyond perception but to the foundation of culture. Architecture made it possible to live a comfortable life, as a projection of a view, to tell a story about a civilization and to start a revolution. Architecture is not to be taken lightly as its influence lasts for generations later as it is the one surviving object that states the culture and will be used as an inspiration for designs and concepts to come.  Architecture is a world of beauty and infinity. Supported by science and grazed with art, this marriage of science and art that created Architecture sends a strong signal that it is the basic of what we relay on, to live and the possibilities it generate are endless. It’s an infinity world of beauty and usefulness from simple objects to extra-ordinary pieces that changes the world. Architecture is technology and without architecture all our knowledge and intelligence will be an object of myth. This is the one field that shows our progression and to make us feel comfortable as architecture’s main purpose is to serve humans where it makes our life easier, smoother and to create a space for living at its best.