24 07 2013

The idea here is simply about giving the impression and indication for works on site

However the elements that go into place for this production takes many accounts such as :-
1. Understanding of the construction methods
2. Dept of design intend that is planned to be
3. Level of neatness that is intended
4. Level of control one may wish to have
5. Level of use this drawing is intend
6. Variations / flexibility that one may want to have

As such, it is crucial for anyone wanting to be a good architect to have a very well thought through design prior to any attempt to present them

Many stages of revisions and planning will take place which are always frustrating but however it is worth it all when its completed

A sense of being a creator as it realizes a dream

Keep the passion and keep the mindfulness of one’s ideas as this is core in any good design: a good drawing